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    Ningbo Rehoboth Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. in Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone in China is surrounded by World' s longest Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port and Hangzhou. "YASHE" is our brand, which is the assurance of quality and service .

    With ten years development, Ningbo Rehoboth Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. gradually becomes a comprehensive professional manufacturing enterprise on basis of development, design, production, sales and service in this field . All collections are exported to countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America, such as Germany, Italy, America, Mexico etc. Our products meet PAHs and DMF, lead by some certifications, such as ACS, TUV, EN1112, EN1113 etc. Perfect quality assurance, strict testing, advanced manufacturing, high-quality product quality and service are in order to get customers' trust and support.

    Adhering to the manufacturing philosophy "Strive for perfection" , Ningbo Rehoboth Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. will serve you cordially.


Our corporate culture

Shaping tomorrow's market

Our corporate culture is made up of vision, mission and values. Our vision represents what we stand for, our mission clarifies what we want to achieve together, and our values are our guide to action. Our corporate culture provides direction for all staff to carry out their daily activities and is a solid foundation for the cooperation and self-identity of the various divisions of the group.

At the same time, our unique corporate culture is highly aligned with our strategic direction and corporate governance, and reflects the unique qualities that give us sustainable success: closeness to our customers, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence. This combination sets us apart from the fierce competition and drives us to shape the future with high-quality products. Let's go forward hand in hand.

Our Vision

Our innovation and excellence is your success.

We work tirelessly to ensure the long-term delivery of superior results to our company, customers and shareholders. The key to our success is our focus on creating the right corporate environment to maximize our skills and expertise. We think and act as a global team.

Our Mission

We build the growth markets of the future.

We are customer-centric.

We are firm, and constantly improve the quality of products and processes.

We follow a rigorous process, focusing on clear results and striking results.

We reflect regularly to make the best decisions.

We encourage and call for further development and responsible action.

We are always one step ahead of the competition.

Our Values

Innovation, excellence and closeness are our guides to action and the cornerstones of turning our vision into reality.

Our value - innovation

Innovation is our future. Through continuous technological progress, we will overcome the challenges of the future: pioneering spirit, professional approach, focus on development.

We believe that pioneering ideas and innovative solutions are essential for market leadership.

We attach importance to: all innovation in the process of creativity and cooperation - hand in hand with customers, customer service

We act: think long term and make sure we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our values - excellence

Excellence represents our ambition to provide the highest precision and quality.

We believe that our excellence is an important prerequisite for continued success.

We value: best performance and quality, proprietary application skills and expertise.

Our actions: clear goals, continuous improvement of our products and processes.

Our values - closeness

Closeness is the key to our success. We are a trusted partner for our employees, customers and all other stakeholders. Customer service knows that people are important to us.

We believe that closeness promotes connection

We value openness, mutual respect and honesty.

We act: We translate words into actions in a credible, fair, honest and reliable manner.

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