Share some about the bathroom shower tips


1, see hardware fittings a lot of places can save money, but the flower is aspered, closestool, hardware this kind, want to buy a little bit better, bad after endless trouble, and use up to use up the effect has very big difference really. The proposal still is in settle a home to live in a home net or anhua wei defends official website to understand relevant professional knowledge to go to the market again choose and buy, won't be deceived easily more so.

2, to see whether the cleaning is convenient to pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean. The outlet of the flower is aspersed jam is often caused by mesh cover accumulation of impurities, flower is aspersed is used long scale deposition is inevitable, if do not have access to clean, some spray hole could be blocked, in order to avoid the outlet of the congestion caused by poor water quality, well-designed shower shower nozzle tend to highlight out, easy to clean, or made from nozzle with silicone material, can be brushed clean dishcloth or hand spray deposition on the scale.

3. According to the price selection, the brand of shower sprinkling should incline the shower sprinkling to give water. If the outlet water from the spray hole at the top is obviously small or not at all, it indicates that the internal design of the shower is very general.

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