How to install the bathroom shower


bathroom shower is asperse the necessary bath that is contemporary bathroom is provided, but compare traditional shower equipment with photograph, shower shower is asperse installation is a few more complex, a lot of people are opposite the knowledge that shower shower is asperse installation is less, appear such and so problem when installing. Today we look at how to install bathroom flower to asperse, the installation method that bathroom flower asperses has what.

The installation method and step of shower shower.

1. Determine the size. Measure the size on the left and right side of the wall to find a good place to install the spray; According to the specific height, paint on the wall spray needs to install the location, height, etc.

The installation height that flower asperse can be divided by the type that flower asperse is divided into two kinds: according to relevant regulation, dark buy flower asperse metope dark bury outlet is apart from the ground should be 2.1 meters, shower switch is apart from the ground good is 1.1 meters; Bright outfit elevates lever to asperse commonly with asperse the water surface is a limit, its distance is good for 2 meters. It should be noted that these data are only average data and should be adjusted according to the user's height during actual installation.

2. Drill the holes with the drilling machine according to the size described before and install the S-shaped joint, which can adjust the direction and facilitate the connection with the faucet with the shower. The joint should be wrapped with adhesive tape with no less than 30 turns to prevent water leakage in the pipe. Install shower lifting seat and eccentric parts, then cover the decorative cover.

3. Drive the expansion tube into the mounting hole respectively and fix the wall seat to the wall with self-tapping screw. Note: The wall stand must be on the same line with the tap outlet joint.

4. Install the whole support for the shower head, take out the shower head, put the foot pad inside the nut, and then connect it with the S-bend joint, and fully tighten the nut with a wrench. Measure whether the faucet is mounted level with the level ruler.

5. Screw the round bottom cover on the wall, then fix the spray on the wall; After the shower head is fixed, screw it down, set the shower head hose and install the shower head.

6. Turn on the water inlet switch to thoroughly flush the pipe after installation.

Precautions for shower shower installation and use.

1. It is necessary to punch holes in the installation of flower sprinkles. It is important not to punch through the water pipe inside the wall;

2. When installing the flower sprinkling round bottom cover, screw down the screw, otherwise it will cause the flower to fall freely;

3, the installation of hand-held shower can not be robbed or distorted;

4, the installation height must be determined before the shower, and make a good mark.

5, the dark buried water pipe of the open shower switch is hot on the left and cold on the right, the spacing should be 150cm. The dark buried water outlet of the wall should be level with the ceramic tile surface, and the internal dark buried water pipe should be perpendicular to the wall. After the installation of the shower, it should form a 90-degree Angle with the wall surface.

6, the flower is asperse water pressure to adjust also be a key: under normal circumstances, the water pressure within 1.5 kilograms suits the flower to asperse to use, the water pressure is too great meeting causes the flower to asperse burst, the water pressure is asperse cannot be used normally.

The installation method of bathroom flower asperse wants relatively a few strict, if the installation of bathroom flower asperse is incorrect, not standard, not only can have a lot of inconvenience in using, and still have certain danger sometimes. Through the introduction of the installation method on the face of the bathroom shower, we must pay attention to the handling of the key problems in the installation, if not sure, good please professional to complete.

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