Toilet decorates need to make what preparation in advance


In indoor decoration, often is easy to overlook our toilet decorate area, although it area is not large, but bear the important task in our life, and the toilet water line is extremely complex, if don't handle some details when decorating, like wei yu product size, or decorate preparation, etc., that will give life to great trouble in the future, we need to spend a lot of energy and money to solve.

In the decoration, we should firmly control the toilet decoration details, so as to minimize the trouble in the future, today we will talk about, in the toilet decoration, we need to pay attention to what details?

One, the size of the bathroom product

Facing a wide variety of sanitary ware products on the market, for those who decorate a small white, don't know how to choose, in fact, when we buy sanitary ware, in addition to pay attention to the quality of the product, the size also should be our focus on objects, even if again good, appearance and high product that defend bath, bought after home size not appropriate, all there is no use, so that when we buy the product that defend bath, be sure to the specific size of whole toilet a clear plan, and then according to the size of the area to fill the corresponding products

Preferably in toilet design, choose good these facilities, so that we can ensure the maximum space of conjunction, such as where the sockets should be installed to the dimensions or the dimensions of bathroom ark, these must be clear when we in the design of toilet, so can not only speed up the construction progress, and can also ensure comfortable for daily use.

Second, health corner

To toilet, clean respect is very important all the time, toilet is the disaster area that cleans all the time, clean burden also is quite heavy, especially in the dead corner area of a few toilet, often have to spend great effort. For example, the dead corner around the toilet, often very easy to hide dirt, especially a housewife headache. We can use wall-mounted toilet completely, use more convenient, and occupy area is smaller, do not have wholesome dead Angle. Resemble the product such as ark that defend bath, choose to hang as far as possible design, do not contact with the ground directly, drag cloth can go into its inside clean directly, appearance level is very high not only, and sweep is particularly convenient and simple.

Iii. Water and electricity renovation plan

After toilet undertakes water and electricity to change commonly, basically decorate a company to be able to offer a piece of water and electricity to change graph to the owner, a lot of owners feel do not care for, threw away directly. Actually this kind of practice is wrong, water and electricity transform chart to must save, that above marked the direction of water and electricity line, if appear in the future problem, we can make modification according to this chart, so have rules to follow, not be unable to start. Be sure to backup a water and electricity map again in case of emergency.

Four, dry and wet separation design

If you don't want your bathroom to be full of moisture every day, be sure to do a dry and wet separation design. In contemporary home outfit, toilet is the dry wet separation design of all one color, only this kind of design means just is to accord with toilet most, wash gargled area and shower area are separated perfectly, guarantee two are independent each other to the greatest degree, a toilet can be used for many people, won't appear the awkward situation that waits for toilet. Besides, the separation design of dry and wet can also prevent water vapor from spreading. After taking a shower, the ground will no longer be wet, which greatly improves our daily experience and creates a good sanitary space for our life.

The toilet is closely related to us. Whether it is the function it carries or how often we use it every day, it is always more important than other functional areas. So when we are in home outfit, must hold the processing of good detail, detail often decides success or failure, a use experience is comfortable, the toilet with reasonable design, often also very give a prize in detail respect.

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